About Me


Hi there, I am Sarah Bisikwa, an avid traveller and adventure seeker from Uganda. Saw Bizzy is a blog about my experiences as I travel across my country and other parts of the world.

My passion for travel was ignited years ago when I travelled (for work) across all districts of Uganda within six months. I marveled at the grandiose beauty that this gem of a country holds and shared my experiences with friends and family. It inspired many to travel and experience what Uganda has to offer.

I always promised to document and share tips on the dos and don’ts that would make their travels even more memorable. So, here I am. These are my tips for travelling Uganda.

Enjoy !

PS: All materials (articles, photographs and videos) shared on this website are my original work unless stated otherwise.

Because sharing is caring, please drop me an email before using any of my photographs. The email address is sawbizzy@gmail.com