One of the most amazing things about Cape Town is the food scene. It’s alive and bursting with personality. Personality best expressed by the food and drinks served at restaurants and food markets. I spent a great deal of my weekends exploring these food markets for a pleasant delight, and I found plenty! Each food market attracts a unique crowd with a distinct energy. And I found a couple that suited my different moods and company.  Here are my five (5) favourite food markets;

  1. The old biscuit mill

This was by far the fairest of them all. If not for the awesome food and vibrant live bands, then for the bustling crowd that filled up all the seating areas. It was not uncommon to see several people seated on the ground, munching away and satisfying their food cravings. The portions are massive, the food delectable and the drinks, well they just keep flowing. Saturday mornings were made for this market. It’s perfect for excitement seekers looking for a quick thrill to kick-start their day.

Mouth watering breakfast
Cooked with flair
…and he wasn’t the only one
Seeing “Uganda Sipi falls” coffee got me all hyped up
I warned you about the drinks
We grabbed a spot on the floor
The giant floral “halo”
…over to the other side of the market
Street Art for life
  1. The Mojo market

The Mojo market in Sea point takes the second spot. It’s an indoor market with the vibrancy of a city street lined with local street food. No matter the weather, I was able to enjoy mouth-watering food and great performances from the live bands. It’s worth noting that live music is huge in cape town, so look out for a show next to you. This market attracts a more chilled out crowd. Folks in no rush to move on to the next activity. It’s open till late.

This band was unbelievably amazing; bravo Acoustic Element
About the crowd
  1. The Oranjezicht city farm market

Yes, it takes a while to pronounce the name, I still don’t get it right. But well, this is the market with a memorable view. The crowd is as calm as the perfect blue backdrop provided by the ocean. It also possesses an air of freshness that makes the food even tastier. This is the perfect start for a chilled-out Saturday morning. If you’re looking to keep it calm and slow, this market was made for you.

You’ll meet happy fellas
Who wouldn’t love that
Part of the crowd
Well laid out stalls
How much fresher can it get!
…and that’s me with the ocean as my background
  1. The Bay Harbour market

Tucked along the shores of Hout bay, this weekend food market is a charming little beehive. Guess Capetonians have mastered the art of happy living, good food and dope live music! Its smaller than the other markets, but that doesn’t take away from the experience. The food was great, especially the dessert. And considering I am not a dessert person, it takes a lot to get a compliment out of me.  It attracts a mixed crowd, both laid back and the hyper active. The view of Chapman’s peak drive doesn’t hurt !

The table floral arrangement was thoughtful
  1. The V&A water front  food market

To me, this was the most functional of all food markets. Its location at the V&A waterfront makes it an alternative for someone looking to grab a quick meal in a relaxed “street styled” environment. It was a great spot for several of my lunches during the week and a regular stop for my favourite unframed Ice cream.  It’s an every day market, perfect for everyone.

An aerial view of the food market (google image)

My all-time record was visiting four (4) food markets in one day. It’s the price you pay for hosting spirited friends, oh Sandra, the things you make me do!

The next time you travel to Cape town, make it a point to try out as many food markets as possible. Although there is one for every personality, you could venture out of your comfort zone and live a little or a lot, you decide.




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