We finally got to Kigali at around 10pm and enjoyed a sumptuous meal prepared by our hosts. While the rest of the crew stayed up watching movies and chatting, I headed to bed. That came as a surprise to all especially myself considering the fact that I am always on the road and should be used such journeys. As expected, I got up earlier than the rest but the cloudy weather got me back in bed for another round of deep sleep. No apologies!

After shaking off all the fatigue, we managed to do a couple of activities that I have listed as my highlights of Kigali:

  1. Radisson Blu Hotel and Convention Centre

On the evening of our arrival, we caught a glimpse of the magnificent light display from the center. We knew we had to check it out. Although we were drawn in by the dramatic lights, we got more than we expected; a dramatic grey sky which acted as the perfect backdrop. A few selfies and plenty photobombing didn’t hurt either. Like other iconic structures in modern cities, the conventional center stands proud in the heart of Kigali and is definitely a must visit.

Lights of Kigali
Mystical sunsets at the Radisson
The Radisson Blu
  1. Eating Nyama choma at Sundowners restaurant

Following our host’s recommendation, we ordered a huge chunk of goat leg roasted over a hot charcoal grill. It went down fast and was as tasty as the chef promised it would be. A glass of Skol lager/malt was an apt choice to wash it down.

Worth the try
  1. Lunch at Ubumwe Grande Hotel on Easter Sunday

The only thing better than Sunday lunch is Easter Sunday lunch with a view of “a thousand” hills. On a sunny day, the restaurant offers a clear view of the Central Business District and a couple of suburbs. But this was no ordinary day, it was a cloudy, rainy and somewhat windy day. The views were eclectic.

Grey skies from the roof top
Where is the food !
Elevator ride
All smiles after the sumptuous lunch
  1. Campaign Against Genocide Museum

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future” – Bernard Meltzer. The museum was opened in December 2017 and serves as yet another reminder to Rwandans of the path they have trodden. To a large extent, it is also call to African nations to adopt self-reliance as a pivotal position for growth and development.

We celebrate the courage and bravery of those who walked before us
The parliamentary building in the background hosts the museum
  1. Presidential palace museum

I visited the museum a few years back, on my first road trip to Kigali with the crew (only 3 of us made it that time). It was a pleasant tour and a lighter side to the persona of the President that we never see.

5 presidential palace museum.jpg
The presidential palace (google image)

6. Kigali Genocide Memorial

We also visited the Genocide Memorial on that earlier visit to Kigali. It was the last of our activities and obviously the most emotional intense. May we never again witness such darkness!

The memorial center (google image)

With limited time on our hands, we missed out on a shopping experience at some of the most creative and trendy stores in Kigali. But when I return, I’ll let you in on the hottest designers and trends rocking the town. Till next time!



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