Whoever said chasing after waterfalls was wrong had it all wrong! I chased after Kilasiya waterfalls and they were magnificent. And although they were a detour from the main adventure which was seeing Mt. Kilimanjaro, they are an adventure in their own right. In my previous post, I mentioned that the walk down a steep slope to the falls was quite the fitness test. But I am always amazed at how resilient the human spirit is: we never expected some of our friends to make it all the way, but they did!

The walk took us through a fruit jungle with streams running across the road. Avocado trees made up majority of the bigger trees and the gardens were bursting with giant harvests of arrow roots, bananas and whatever else was planted. The final descent was much slower than the start of the journey as it was steep and slippery. We finally got to the base of the river in which the falls pour. Because of rains over the past months, much of the river bank had been covered by water and only a few stones were left above ground. This made it hard to get a clear view of the falls, but all the same it was worth it. Here are my favourite moments:

1. Karibu

Welcome the Tanzanian way: Karibu!

2. Community church along our walk

When big bells ring, little ones are not heard” Serbian proverb

3. The beautiful walk continues

Well manicured lawns in one of the homesteads
Clearly marked walk ways and drainage for storm water
Slippery paths lined with moss

4. Kilasiya waterfalls

She falls in the background and I take all the glory
Tropical paradise
The sound of rushing water blocks out stress and calms the mind
I really wanted to cross over and seat on those rocks

5. Victims of the fitness test

That’s me passing out or close to it
“Don’t laugh guys, this ain’t no joke”




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