When words like slow and sleepy are repeatedly used to describe a place, you might start to believe it. That was almost the case with Arusha. But as we approached the town, and the magnificent Mt. Meru came into sight, all that changed. My excitement immediately heightened and sparked my curiosity on the other secrets Arusha was yet to unleash. Thanks to my prior research I already had a couple of activities lined up for my stay. My adventures started that very evening and continued for the rest of my stay. This is my story;

  1. Soak up the view of Mt. Meru

From one of the many hills within the town, I enjoyed this spectacular view. But because of the weather, the mountain was always surrounded by clouds, and moments of full visibility were unpredictable.

Highest peak of Mt. Meru
The Mountain and the plains
  1. Snap it at the Clock tower

It is located exactly mid-way between Cairo and Cape town and is surrounded by a well-manicured lawn within the round-about.

Mid-way between Cairo and Cape Town
  1. Enjoy the Tanzanite experience

This rare and precious gem indigenous to Tanzania is a true beauty. A walk through the journey from its discovery to its present day consumption is packaged as the Tanzanite experience.

The journey begins
And I was not left out
Combination of Tanzanite and Tsavorite
Beautiful gems
  1. Enjoy a meal at the Sheraton

It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a simple snack. Whatever the occasion, enjoy the ambience and cool breeze at the Four Points by Sheraton.

French fries with mini beef steaks topped with mushroom
  1. Visit the Old Boma Museum

Go down memory lane at the Old Boma Museum and get a better understanding of Arusha and her beautiful people.

Roar; right back at you!
  1. Get a good bargain at the Masaai market

Although I did not buy anything, a walk through the fully stocked market was a delight. The vibrant colours and varied creative approaches make you wish you could buy a bit of everything.

Happy colours of life
  1. Enjoy great food and smooth jams at Kibo Palace hotel

I enjoyed a couple of meals at this conveniently located hotel. Unlike most times, I was not adventurous in my food selection and opted to stick to the one meal that stood out on my first visit.

Pork chops and a fresh salad

So the next time you go to a new place, don’t let people’s opinions hold you from creating your own memories.



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