I was born at Mengo hospital and spent the first year of my life in Mengo and Old Kampala where my parents resided. It was close to Namirembe Cathedral, and for that reason, my older siblings enjoyed evening walks in the Cathedral gardens. Although I was also carried along for these walks; I can’t recall a thing. But their stories of those adventurous evenings make me feel like I was “really” there. Sometimes I “own” their stories and tell them as my own. Today is one of those days. Visiting the Cathedral last weekend brought back found memories of my childhood and family members who made them special. On some days, my brother plays photographer and so do I and here is our handwork;

  1. A post card from the past

At the time, the cathedral stood as a true architectural wonder – it still is.

Photo credit to Alfred Lobo (

2. The fairest of them all

Today, it still stands proud and remains one of the grandest cathedrals and a top choice for royal weddings.


3. Serenity prayer

The palm trees lined along the edge of the cathedral give it a serene feel. God grant me Serenity, Courage and Wisdom!


4. “For to me, to live is Christ, to die is gain” – The Bible.

Buried at the Cathedral are great leaders who dedicated their life to service in the Church of Uganda.


5. Inspirational quotes

Pinned up on the palm trees are inspirational Bible verses to guide your walk and meditation.


6. Its all about the details

The little details collectively make this cathedral an exquisite structure. From the door knobs, to the arches, stained glass and that magnificent dome.

7. Life’s simple pleasures

Take a moment to seat and count your blessings. Write them down and read through this gratitude list as often as you can. It will make you a happier person!


8. Stop reading and go explore




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