Whistling wind and rushing waters, that’s the sound of a ferry crossing the Indian Ocean from a coastal town to an idyllic island. Being in Dar and not visiting Zanzibar would have left the trip incomplete. So, experience Zanzibar with me:

Stone Town was the destination of choice. On arrival at our accommodation, the Emerson Spice Hotel, we wasted no time hitting the streets and exploring the island. But first, it all started in the hotel lobby. The Swahili architecture and décor were evident and pleasant to the eye. As you ascended the stairs, the battered iron sheet roofs of neighbouring buildings leveled out into the ocean, creating a uniquely charming view.

The narrow streets lined with curio merchandise offered by friendly and sometimes aloof traders were exciting to trek through. And though our haggling skills were put to the test, we managed to score a few good deals. It’s not uncommon to see renovation works on these old buildings. Such restoration efforts ensure the preservation of traditional architecture alongside guaranteeing the safety of occupants and passers-by. Cyclists were also a common sight; I will jump on one during my next visit.

Old Swahili doors and doorknobs were quite catchy. I couldn’t resist a few postcard-worthy shots by them.

One of our major stops was the palace museum. Rich in history and abundant in beguiling sea views, it is a must-visit. Next to it stands the Beit El-Ajaib National Museum; be sure not to miss the battle relics from a chaotic era.

Leaving the island without getting ink work done would be a disservice to you and anyone you care about…hahaha! No exaggeration there! It gets you dolled up for the final act of night action at the Forodhani food market.

An incredible variety of fresh well-prepared seafood you can imagine. I thoroughly enjoyed it! My highlight, though, was the freshly pressed juice (sugarcane/lime/ginger juice) to wash down all that yummy food. It was a treat for my taste buds as they danced in joyful confusion. It would take me close to 3 years to find that refreshing juice in Kampala at the Great Indian Dhaba restaurant.

The Rooftop breakfast came with a catchy ocean view and a gentle cool ocean breeze to massage the skin. Nothing short of what you expect on this island. My one day of island life was perfect. Next time I will plan for more days and even more activities. Till then, Kwaheri!


Saw Bizzy


  1. The art work is eye catching and very admirable. The time taken in the detailed, accurate and meticulous marks that combined form decorations is worth compliments. We need to return to the roots!

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