I don’t always plan my trips. Sometimes I ride the wave of spontaneity, and this was one such time. It left me clueless about what to do on a beautiful Saturday in Mbarara City.

To pass time, I slept in longer than usual, and later as I had my breakfast searched online for activities close to me. I wanted something I wouldn’t find back home in Kampala. And then it hit me: Igongo Cultural Center Museum. Eriijukiro, a museum of South-Western Uganda, highlights the way of life of the Ankole people.

The entrance fee is affordable and a guide is available should you want one. When I visit museums or art galleries, I prefer a quiet, self-guided tour. This way I can read the information displayed at my pace without feeling rushed. There was a lot to read and learn.

I later ventured out of the city and into the village. The neatly manicured rounded rolling hills escort you as you drive the gently curved roads to the countryside. Here I got my first taste of a local toothbrush, the kind that limits you to brushing one tooth at a time. You also end up displaying some rather dramatic antics to reach the deep corners of your mouth. I will not be looking for one any time soon, it’s too much work and I spent more time laughing than actually brushing.

The simplicity of the day and the relaxation it gave is a sure way to start the week in a good mood.

When you next travel out of town, find pleasure in the simple daily activities of those around you. Strike a conversation with the locals or journey to the past in a museum. Just do something different!

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Past lives
Where the party lives
Don’t we all like some warrior vibes!
Pretend to graze
The brushing antics


Saw Bizzy

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