Planning is a smart way to make the most of any holiday or activity. Spontaneity, on the other hand, is a great way to enjoy it. And that’s because; you always land on the most unexpected things that might turn out to be major highlights. When I travelled to Argentina, although I managed to tick off a long list of pre-planned activities, these were my TOP SEVEN FLUKES:

  1. Grabbing a bite from a food truck

During my city bus tour, I found a coffee festival happening at one of the green parks and decided to jump off. Turned out to be my lucky chance to grab a bite from a food truck.

20171028_150606 1
I got a juicy beef burger and French fries
I washed down the beef burger with a glass of cocktail juice
I later found out they had yummy skewers

2. Taking a night walk along Ninth of July avenue

Taking walks at night was never part of the plan because of the busy day schedule. However, on one of the quiet nights, hunger struck and got us out of our rooms. So, we hit the streets to find a fast food joint and voila; it turned into a beautiful night stroll.

The Obelisco de Buenos Aires shines bright at night
Well-lit streets and “golden” buildings

3. Taking pictures of interesting signs

Some of the signs could be cryptic messages to friends back home. I found quite a number that gave me the giggles.

We all know a Johnny who can be better
Peeping right back at you!

4. Striking a pose with the stars

Although it’s not really them, this might be the closest you get, so give it a shot!

He held my hand, he smiled!

5. Impulsively buying souvenirs

I had planned to get all my souvenirs from shops close to the hotel, along Ninth of July avenueBut a visit to La Boca immediately changed plans and shopping was done.

One of the many stalls selling souvenirs

6. Enjoying the quirky architecture

When something catches your eye, take a picture you won’t regret it!

A solitary Lake-side house
Butterfly magic in the air
The weight of knowledge at El Teneo Grand Splendid Bookshop

7. Strike a pose with a real legend

If you are lucky, like I was, strike a pose with a real rugby legend. I captured this after Nicolas Fernandez Lobbe gave us a lecture on doing business in Argentina.



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