So, you have guests in town and are wondering where to take them. Or maybe, you just want to try something different. It could be a weekday or the weekend, and travelling out of town is off the table. Well, this is your chance to explore Kampala and get to see her in a different light – neon perhaps!? Get your walking shoes, car keys and come along:

  1. Kick it off at the national theatre

National theatre, once the epicentre of creative arts in Kampala, seats quietly in the city center like a forgotten path waiting to be trodden again. Spend time at the notice board and you just might land on an interesting event slated for later in the week. For comedy lovers, “Pablo Live” shows are held every Tuesday at 8pm. The facility has parking at a fee.

The National Theatre Kampala
A tribute to theatrics
  1. Head to the African crafts market

Here you will find numerous goodies to buy for yourself and others. It is an amazing go-to place whenever I need to get gifts for friends and family. The variety of items also serve as great pieces for decorating your home. You will spend over an hour here as the street is lined with 3 crafts markets to pick from. Prices are pretty much the same at all markets and yes, haggling is part of the fun. During weekdays, street parking might be hard to find.

African crafts on display at one of the 3 markets
  1. Check out Acacia mall

This is one of the upscale malls in Kampala and a nice place to check out. I’m particularly drawn to the definition shop that sells uniquely branded T-shirts that describe Uganda the way it should be. The Ice cream at Cafesserie is also worth the try. The mall has plenty of parking at a fee.

The main entrance to Acacia mall (google image)
  1. Have lunch at La Fontaine

In terms of restaurants, this is my hidden gem! The food is exceptionally tasty and the portions very generous. I have eaten everything on the menu and never been disappointed. And no, I don’t have a favourite meal so I can’t help you out. It is located right behind Acacia mall.

I had the meal in the foreground: Fried rice and Fish monk skewers wrapped in bacon
  1. Visit the Uganda museum

I had last visited the museum over 20 years ago, so I did not know what to expect. Although, I felt a little sad at how neglected the place is, nothing could take away the childhood excitement I felt. Oh, how time flies! I’m now a grown-up-bill-paying adult, but the child in me will never die. For those like me, come take a walk down memory lane. Free parking is available.

Kicking it back to the past
  1. Eat a rolex

There might be traffic jam on your way to the next destination so why not stop at UGAROLL restaurant found at capital shoppers mall Ntinda for a quick bite. It’s heaven in a bite! Ugaroll offers a variety of rolex including chicken, beef, veggie and a lot more. Visiting Kampala and not eating a rolex is like visiting Cape Town and not going up Table Mountain. No one will believe you were there. It is best eaten hot, so grab a seat at the restaurant and enjoy this Ugandan delicacy.

Beef rolex and cocktail juice (mango/passion fruit/beetroot)
The UGAROLL restaurant
  1. Wind up at Ndere center

Fondly referred to as the “Pearl of Africa”, to me, Uganda is a capsule of diversity filled with warmth and love. Some say it’s the 365 days of sunshine that make us that way: I believe them! Ndere center captures this spirit of Uganda and is guaranteed to end your day with a bang. A true celebration of the different ethnic groups and our love for music and dance, shows are held on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings.

Entrance to Ndere Center

I’m guessing you’re worn out by now and heading home for a good night’s rest. For the die hards, you could hit the town and keep the party rolling with Kampala’s vibrant night life.

Think I’ll head home for tonight!


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