“The best time to travel is now”.

Curiosity got me on the road again and took me eastward to Port Elizabeth. The best part of this journey is that it takes you along the famed Garden route. The garden route is along the South-Eastern coast of South Africa and stands out as one of the country’s most scenic drives. Journeying through the major towns of; Mossel Bay, Knysna, Oudtshoorn, Plettenberg Bay, Nature’s Valley and George, finally leads you to Port Elizabeth.

Being a solo traveller, I opted to take a bus from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. My choice of bus was the intercape bus liner. Its a fairly comfortable option that makes several convenience stops during the 13 hour drive. In an effort to travel light, I opted to rely on only my phone camera to capture the highlights of my trip. This is my Port Elizabeth in a few shots:

  1. Hanging out at Donkin Reserve

The floor mosaic at the Donkin Reserve, Pyramid and Lighthouse caught my eye from a distance. It was only fair to dance to a few tunes on this groovy floor.

“Life’s a blink so don’t think twice”
The trio; mosaic, pyramid and lighthouse
  1. Take photo infront of a colourful house

I stayed in the yellow house where I met my host Elgie, witty guy with a hint of crazy. Thanks to his good judgement we landed smack in the middle of a VW test drive. Who knew, “The Fast and furious” hang out in our very own backyard.

The pose before the walk
Pick your colour
  1. Try out a craft beer

I ordered for them in two’s because I wanted them cold and smooth. Thumbs up for the ginger beer, wild blonde got nothing on you!

The name game
  1. Enjoy the sea side views

Remember Elgie? We drove a few minutes out of town to enjoy the sea side and catch the sunset. There were a couple of people fishing and others playing in the water. I captured moments before sunset and when the main act came on, I got lost in it. Cheers to sunsets!

Dramatic rocks
Crashing waves and sunsets
  1. Marvel at the gorges

There were quite a number of gorges on the way to Port Elizabeth. It would have been nice to stop and take a walk along the viewpoints to capture more of these natural wonders.

Gorges deep and wide
  1. Don’t fall asleep u might miss the view

At many points, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful along the garden route. It’s the kind of experience that should not be enjoyed alone, but rather with friends or family. I will take this drive again! I will not be alone! I will enjoy it even more!

Beach side views
Wind mill district


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