Inspiration lies all around us. We can choose to embrace it or completely ignore it. My inspiration last week lay in the waving trees, chirping birds, temperamental skies, still waters and rolling hills of Kabale. It is from this South-Western district of Uganda that shots for the fictional kingdom of Wakanda (in the movie Black Panther) were taken. From the hilly terrain accompanied by deep valleys and the cool temperature; it is the jewel of Uganda.

My kind of inspiration

During the course of my field-work, the beauty of Kabale lay all around us. Driving along the “Lake Bunyonyi belt” one needn’t put in much effort to find the spectacular views we did. As we drove along the winding roads on the hilly slopes, I only had one wish: that I had carried my camera (last time I’m letting this happen!). Nevertheless, I managed to capture several moments with my trusted phone and here are my best seven shots of Kabale:

1. The unique floral display at the hotel (White Horse Inn)

Being a tropical country, the weather favours growth of several flower species. However, hydrangeas are not a commonly cultivated species in Uganda so I was pleasantly surprised to see them in the hotel gardens.

Four shades of gorgeous
This was made for me

2. Lake Bunyonyi

The never-ending conversation about how deep it is makes me fall deeper in love with this lake. In addition to that, all sides of this lake qualify as its “good side”, who wouldn’t love that. A boat ride doesn’t sound like a bad plan for my next visit.

A stop-over to check on our project work resulted in this magical shot
… and then beauty became the ordinary!

3. The terraced hills

Although the terracing is more of a functional agricultural practice to minimise soil erosion, one cannot deny the unintended aesthetic its adds to the already imposing hills. Keep terracing my dearest Bakiga!

Terracing and Lake Bunyonyi go hand in hand.
I bought a sack of Irish potatoes grown in these hills, finest quality!

4. The dense canopy of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Home to half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas, this dense forested national park covers the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. Walking through this massive jungle is an exciting adventure and a must try at least once in a lifetime. But soaking up the view of its top canopy is another experience all together. One of my colleagues likened its dense composition to that of cauliflower; couldn’t be truer than that.

Home to the Mountain Gorillas

5. The peeping peaks of Mt. Muhavura

While driving along the “Lake Bunyonyi belt”, we got only a glimpse of the trio peaks of this extinct volcano. You can catch better views of Mt. Muhavura from its home district of Kisoro.

If you look closely you can see two of the three peaks

6. Sunset over Lake Bunyonyi

The lake, the mountain peaks, what more can I say. Layers of beauty capsuled in a single view, only in Kabale. This shot was taken around Hamuhambo Trading Center.

The three peaks of Mt. Muhavura and Lake Bunyonyi make for a glorious sunset!

7. Waking up to an aerial view of Kabale town

This wasn’t part of my plan but should definitely be part of yours. White Horse Inn Hotel offers good accommodation and a commanding view of the town. At night, the lights clearly mark out the boundaries of the town while the morning reveals beautifully terraced hills and aging roofs of the town’s buildings.

Not bad for a breakfast view!

Take that drive and be inspired this weekend. And given that we are in the rainy, a four-wheel drive car is a wise choice.


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