On my first trip to Kapchorwa, I visited two of the three major falls. The two, being the smaller of the falls. To get to the first fall, we enjoyed a simple short walk that took us across a well-maintained wooden bridge and through a moderately leafy path. At the base of the falls are caves, where Kiprotich occasionally rests during his high-altitude training. We then drove to the second falls, and enjoyed their multiple rainbow effect. There is no better way to put it than in the words of my nephew, “I am licking the rainbows!”

So, this time round, my focus was on the third and largest of the three falls. Not because of its size, but for the abseiling adventure that only the brave braved! It took a 15 minutes’ walk from our camp site to Rob’s rolling rocks, the company we selected to guide us. They were the first company to offer abseiling and rock climbing in Kapchorwa and in my opinion, your safest option. Rob, the proprietor, shared his story with us. You can find it here on my YouTube channel.


Experience Kapchorwa through their eyes

Walking through gardens of maize/corn and seeing the cleanest cows ever (I kid you not) did not prepare me for the mini-panic attack I was to get before abseiling. With all seven of us fully strapped and feeling like champions, the fear set in. I kept wondering why I get myself into such situations and promised myself never to do such scary stuff again. Hahahaha! So, after embarrassing myself and almost crying, I took the plunge and Rob took the pictures. If I were a bird, I’d sing my favorite song each time I flew past that spot. It was tropical paradise meets utopia, but again, in Uganda we are kinda used to this level of awesome. Check it out:


Walking to the falls


Dope Crew

3the gang

The gang!

4cool without the gang

Kool without the gang

5cool back with the gang

Kool and the gang!


Rob taking us through the safety drills

7safety is in the details

Safety is in the details


All strapped and ready to take the plunge


Leading the pack


Million dollar view


Smiles for miles


Dope pose!


Owning the view!


Momo Nyabo!




Hanging like a boss!


In the end it was all worth it!



  1. Nice! Nice! Nice! There is no better way to start my week than reading this post. Thanks for energizing me!!

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