You know that sign post along the highway that leaves you curious? This was one of them. Although work took me there a few years back, it didn’t count because I never saw a Rhino. So, for as long as I drove past it in the years that followed, I knew a return visit was a must. And I finally did it.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is an initiative of the Rhino Fund and home to all Rhinos in Uganda. It is the breeding base for the beloved Rhinos, with plans of eventual re-introduction into Uganda’s wild. Currently, 2 rhinos can be found at the UWEC (commonly known as the Entebbe Zoo). The remaining still reside at the sanctuary in Nakasongola.

The Ziwa Rhino Lodge (plus camping facilities) and Amuka Safari Lodge provide accommodation for overnight guests at the sanctuary. The lodges offer good bargains for all budget ranges. I opted for the Ziwa Rhino Lodge because of its fair price and proximity to the Rhino Fund site offices. Information about the fund and the all rhinos can be found at the offices. There is also a craft shop where you can get a memento to keep memories alive. I got myself a keyholder of Donna, my rhino twin (10th January queens). But the best part about staying at Ziwa Rhino Lodge is that the Rhinos often hang out in the compound. How cool is that!?

I know you are curious to hear about all the activities at the Sanctuary, so see you next week for details. But first, enjoy the pics:

  1. Suit up for the occasion


2. Clear sign posts on the highway.


3. Ziwa Rhino Fund Offices/ Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary


4. Information is power

Read all about the Rhinos

5. Make a purchase

I got a “Donna” key holder

6. Pay tribute to Justice – “Here lies our beautiful boy Justice

Rest well big fella

7. Mega water heaters at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

That water was always super hot!

8. Listen to God, for he speaks in mysterious ways.

…mysterious and beautiful ways!

9. Enjoy the symphony of colour and weaver birds

Dinner time musical by the weaver birds

10. Check out Amuka Safari Lodge.

It’s a must visit
Choose a cottage
Noisy weaver birds
Stay over for the camp fire


Saw Bizzy



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