For the past months, I have enjoyed the city’s charm. Weekends at home by myself or with family. When I’m by myself its mostly movies/series watching binges, catching up with friends, hosting guests and occasionally sleeping in. Nothing worth mention in the presence of adrenaline junkies. It was in this quite space that I discovered Kaazi Beach Resort.

It wasn’t hard convincing my girls to come along because the pictures on the website do it justice! We got there as early as we could that Saturday morning -11 am, I think. I hadn’t planned to write about my experience till one of girls suggested it. I saw no harm in that and quickly appointed her photographer of the day. A job she executed in less than 10 minutes and headed straight for the pool.

We lounged at the pool for most of the day and only retreated to the one of the 2 restaurants when it got too windy and cloudy. Our lunch was tasty and the portions generous, a solid reason to return. The resort offers good accommodation for those who want to prolong the endless views of Lake Victoria. If you use the Entebbe expressway, it’s a great stop over on your way to or from the airport. The nightlights are quite pretty, so don’t be in a rush to leave. I intend to return more often. Not just on weekends, but whenever the mood demands. See you there!



Saw Bizzy

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