Food is a great way to experience a new place and a major highlight of any memorable holiday. In Diani, there are lots of opportunities to experience authentic Swahili cuisine. You can do this at local restaurants or in the comfort of your home. We opted to have most of our meals at home, as the property came with a full-time chef.

Abdullah, our chef, tantalised our taste buds with his clever mix of spices and delicate handling of whatever food was up for the day. Breakfast or more accurately brunch was fit for a king, featuring both Swahili and international choices. Lunch, if any was usually light, just enough to keep you happy till dinner at 8 pm.

Dinner was always on time and loaded with fresh delightful tricks. It was hard not to eat more than you needed. You just had to leave enough space for the rich African masala tea that marked the end of dinner.

I have experienced both hotel and home (with full-time chef) cuisines in Diani. So, on my next visit, I will venture out to local restaurants, street food vendors and whatever else I haven’t tried. Enjoy:

Mahamris – Swahili delights
Breakfast befitting a king
Lots to choose from
Dinner time delights
Who wants to try octopus
Dinner was always 
Pizza in the neighbourhood


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