What makes Islands irresistible holiday destinations? The pristine beaches with palm trees, the unpolluted water, the sunsets, the slow paced life that provides a blissful escape from the hustle of reality? My guess is all these and more!

Ssese Island was my last holiday destination before the lock down. Had I known what I know now, I would have chosen an adrenaline pumping get-away. Something to shoot up the energy before this indefinite slow ride we are all on. If I sound slightly sleepy mid-way the post, it’s because I am. Who needs a slow-paced life anymore? Or a lazy evening catching the sunset? I’ve officially maxed out my lazy-mode quarter for the year.

But for the amazing health workers and other essential workers doing their best to keep us safe, you deserve one such holiday. Bravo!

I travelled aboard the MV Vanessa to get to the Island. Brovad Sands Lodge was my preferred place of aboard, but because they were fully booked, I settled for Victoria Forest Resort. The resort is beautifully laid out along a stretch of what was once a beautiful beach, but has now been reclaimed by the voluminous Lake Victoria. I never caught a sunrise as I am a late riser, but the sunsets were perfect. I enjoyed them on the swings down by the water, and that was my favourite part of the resort. But to be honest, the rooms were ordinary and the food bland, guess they make up for it with the superb location.

Since it wasn’t too far off, I spent one of the evenings at my preferred choice, Brovad, and enjoyed a sumptuous meat buffet. The ambience was more than just right, the food delectable, and the crowd spoke to me! Oh, you can imagine the rush of jealousy at those who were living my full dream. I will definitely return to it for my next island holiday. 

Victoria Forest Resort by day
Sunsets are my favourites!
Add a swing to the sunset and I’ll love you for that evening!
Don’t miss the birds in the distance
Dining at Brovad Sands Lodge
More about Brovad
Moonlight Secrets
Cheers to crashing parties at Brovad
Aboard the MV Vanessa!


Saw Bizzy


  1. Brovad sands Lodge is the place to stay for a post-corona vacay. I and my family are definitely planning to go back 😉
    Thanks for sharing, Sara!

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