1Moving forward, it will be incredibly hard to make any plans without factoring in the COVID 19 Pandemic. It’s here for a while, so you either get along with it or get lost in it.

Travel remains a big part of us. For first, we were nomads before something or someone convinced us to settle in one place for a duration that kept getting longer over time. But recent trends of mass travel across the globe go to show that we are reverting to our old ways, and sadly by so doing, destroying the very planet we seek to explore. As some have implied, the planet is simply taking a detox break.

But as we stay home in efforts to flatten the curve, the pressure of confinement will eventually take its toll. Introverts are supposedly having it easier, as they’ve been training for this their whole lives. Guess that leaves the rest of us with itchy feet and minds racing to a future where we can finally run wild and free! But for now, we hibernate.

And as we do so, I will journey to my photography archives and select some of my favourites. Based on these, I will write short stories, articles or whatever comes to mind. I am not sure how far back in the archives I will reach, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Saw Bizzy

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