Dubai, the modern-day Atlantis and the epitome of luxury. With its ever-evolving faces, it is a true embodiment of the phrase, “change is permanent and constant”. In Dubai, everything that for long has been words in your conversation became an exquisite reality.

Isn’t it enough that they have the biggest, the tallest, the smallest, the most extreme pleasure of what is humanly possible? Not for this UAE city. The desire for more is what has earned Dubai and other UAE cities their place in the “luxury hall of fame”, a spot they intend to keep.

Boasting of a spectacularly curved man-made landscape, birthed by creativity without limit, it is a city built to evoke a sense of wonder. In Dubai, you marvel and gaze in sincere amazement, as you get blown away by the breeze of luxury. It pushes the limits of wonder as far as the mind can comprehend. For a second I almost missed the simplicity of the ordinary, for in it, one can at least catch their breath. But who travels for ordinary!? And besides, I had limited time to savour the experience, so there was no holding back.

As you gracefully drift in this real-life fantasy land, allow your mind to wander and be inspired. It’s all about vision and consistency, and you too can add a little luxury to your own beautiful life. With the lock-downs still running in most countries, we all have extra time on our hands. Let’s create a little luxury in our lives. It could be the simple act of cleaning and tidying up, planting a small garden or reviving an existing one, doing some over-due maintenance tasks or whatever interests you.

And while at it, add the following to your to-do list for when you finally travel to Dubai:

Get lost in the malls


Find your  twin

Float on the man-made paradise

Get dwarfed by the scale of thingsdd

Marvel at the futureeee

Sock up the luxuryfffg

Keep marvellingh


Saw Bizzy

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