Like most of my friends, Jinja is my backyard. When the week goes well, you drive to Jinja. When the week ends on an epic low, you drive to Jinja. When the week was ordinary, still, you drive to Jinja. The myriad amusement and entertainment that awaits is predictable and yet somehow lives up to your expectations.

You could laze about and watch the River Nile flow by, or actively engage in a water sport on the Nile, or perhaps enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of the restaurants with a commanding view of the Nile or simply along its banks. By now you get the drift, it’s all about the Nile. And why shouldn’t it be? For as far back as I can remember the Nile stands out as one of the prized jewels of this beauty Uganda.

On this occasion, the week ended on a low, so I drove to Jinja. There was only one activity on my mind – Horse riding. I had kept it on hold for so long and now, the timing was just right. With the rain falling in the early morning, I was somewhat assured of a cool day with limited sunshine to tease me.

I started off the day with coffee from Bannz Nile Grill right after Namagunga. I had made my booking via phone the day before, and I advise you to do the same. To approach the stables, one can either drive there directly or drive to the Nile River Explorers camp and then take a boat ride across to the stables. I opted for the latter and hit two birds with one stone! The water was strangely coloured. It was an earthy brown colour, a result of siltation resulting from the heavy rains that fell all through last year and at the start of this one.

On arrival at the stables, the briefing was quick and off we went to explore the surrounding villages and the Nile banks. I enjoyed the conversation with my two guides who both pointed out that I was a natural and should take up horse riding professionally.

After the lock-down, drive to Jinja. You have a good reason to, and you too might discover your sleeping talent!

Grab a warm beverage at Bannz to induce that smile!
A the Nile River Explorers camp in Jinja
Crossing over from Jinja to the Stables in Buikwe
Off to a happy ride!
Along the Banks of the Nile
Part of my crew
Thanks Buddy, I enjoyed that


Saw Bizzy


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