It was the warm welcome of a floral centerpiece and the big glass windows letting in barrel-loads of light that captured my eye. This visual melody continued with the exposed brick walls, the metallic columns holding steady an iron sheet roof and the exceptional high ceilings as if reaching for the stars. It was everything about this charming cabin along the shores of the majesty River Nile that made the start of this short vacation perfect!

Opposite the property is a clear view of the Nile River Explorers campsite, which offers a host of water sports, some of which I’ve written about and others I’m yet to experience. The latest of these activities is a big-blue waterslide that pours into the Nile. I imagine the thrill of sliding down it is similar to that of bungee jumping that I didn’t enjoy. So, no! Not today or any time soon. Also, the thought of the 1 million bugs I will swallow is unsettling. But I digress, back to the cozy cabin.

Mornings should have been easy like a Sunday morning: but no! The wake-up call was synchronised chaos promptly delivered by a troop of monkeys jumping and pounding fruit on the roof. They must have figured that the warm welcome by the host was a tough act to follow. But once you are awake and smiley, the monkey energy is needed for the groovy morning work-out, down by the water. If you didn’t know it yet, South-African house beats are a guaranteed energy booster!

Showers were quick and breakfast even quicker. You don’t need a full stomach to sunbathe or drink up the tropical breeze, but you need to get to it early before the sun gets a bad attitude and scorches you well-done! And when it rains, get soaked up, you’ll thank me later.

In the evenings, read a book from their selection; enjoy the views and explore more of the property; play with the dogs; test your balance on the tyre swing, and revisit your childhood on the regular swings. A village walk is a must-do, as it leads to the discovery of unusual neighbours that neigh and gallop!

If you must, drive to Jinja town for a change in scenery, but return in time for the campfire. We enjoyed its warmth and crackling notes that accompanied the melody of the flowing water and night creatures!

I will return to the cabin by the Nile!

Told you it was perfect
The natural vista was everything and more…
Quiet moments
Awakening childhood memories
The stillness of nature
Testing mighty waters
Working up a good sweat
Then maybe taking a swim… just maybe
I told you they were sweethearts


Saw Bizzy

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