Along the Kampala-Mbarara highway, one of the most tempting roads for drivers with a need for speed, seats Lake Mburo National Park. It is advertised as a whisper in the wild and most certainly lives up to that. With mostly herbivorous land inhabitants, the park possesses a calm vibe and is safe enough to be explored on horseback, bicycle, and by car.

On this trip, I neglected to check the weather and wasn’t ready for the persistent rain! I had packed light in anticipation of a magical sunbath by the pool. That wasn’t to be! But something unexpected and delightful happened, I bumped into a former schoolmate and her group of friends. And because she is friendly and more easygoing than I’ll ever be, I was easily assimilated into the crew. This meant a welcome change in my plans and a different kind of sunshine. I was glad!

With sunbathing and cycling off my list, together we enjoyed a lazed afternoon drive through the park and later an evening boat cruise. I was excited to get that close to hundreds of hippos in their natural habitat. Along with them were crocodiles, African Fish Eagles perched high in eerie-looking trees, and monkey troops foraging along the lake shores.

The waters are still and with that comes lingering tranquility. A deep contrast from some of the harrowing tales of hippo attacks on local fishermen that the guides shared. But despite the dark tales, I enjoyed my day with the loveliest bunch of people, a testament to the magic of surprises!

On return to our accommodation, as if to top up on the day’s awesomeness, the chef prepared a delicious barbeque that ushered us into what would become an eventful night, the kind you don’t forget! Great music and lively company are the truest recipes to ward off cold. It was so good, that we forgot to request the campfire!

What can I say, the calmness of Mburo carries on long after you’ve left. I felt it on my drive back home, it was the sweetest I had been on the road. Well, I’m a disciplined and considerate driver, but add sweet to that and you’ll have the model driver of the year! It must have been something in the air!

Dangle in a hammock
Grazing by the dining porch
Mud-bath anyone? We don’t bite…!
Caught in the mud-dash!
Greetings Kinsman!
Me before the boat cruise
Don’t get any closer!
The small and daring!
The African Fish Eagle perched high up…
Me on the boat cruise


Saw Bizzy

2 thoughts on “THE SURPRISE IN MBURO

  1. Serenity is rubbing on me too. Beautiful and luring too. I will need a year to go to all these beautiful places found no where else but in the “Pearl of Africa”.

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