When we think adventure, we mostly imagine ourselves conquering natural obstacles. Obvious things like hiking steep mountains, rafting down turbulent rapids, trekking through forests and stalking beasts of prey! For a change, I sought adventure at a man-made attraction, Extreme Adventure Park Busika along the Gayaza-Zirobwe road.

The experiences shared here are five years apart, and it was impressive to see expansion at the establishment over the years. On my first visit, the main attraction was the obstacle course that comprised several levels. I had energy enough to reach somewhere not too far from the end, and was pleased with myself. If I’m to be honest my motivation to get that far was the zip line at the end point. A ride down that line was a real thrill at that time! But since experiencing the zip line at Mabira Forest, I think I’ve had enough of heights and screams!

Paint-ball was the highlight of my second visit. You are split into two teams, given a loaded paint-ball gun and overalls to wear over your clothes so they don’t get dirty. Let the games begin! The objective is to shoot your way past the opposing team’s defence and steal their flag that’s hoisted at the very back of their line of defense. I was one of the trigger-happy ones that finished all their bullets before the action started; thank God for top ups!

On my third visit, I couldn’t resist a quad bike ride through the muddy track. However, I was disappointed by the attendants who refused to get us overalls to wear over our clothes. The result was a stained white top and a muddy ride back home. Can’t recall their excuse, but it was silly and extremely improper.

For the paint-ball, its desirable to go as a big group because numbers are key to create the teams. But for the other activities, you can opt to either go as a big group or solo. Having your fellow adrenaline junkies is great for morale, but sometimes I’m my best company and choose to fly solo!

Steady walker
Pull it strong
Walking the tight rope
Escaping the net trap
Connecting logs
Geared up and ready to cruise through the mud


Saw Bizzy

2 thoughts on “MUDDY IN BUSIKA

  1. I can bear the muddy dirt but connecting logs, I am off. For the brave, it looks exciting though.

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