Looking for a great picnic spot this weekend? You’re in the right place.

Sezibwa falls is close to town, easy to locate (google maps) and the entrance fee pocket friendly (Ugx 5000 if I recall correctly). We opted for a self-guided tour, as the walking trail is pretty straightforward. And although it was sunny, the water and trees created a cool, serene atmosphere.

We started at the base of the falls, where the steady splash-back creates a persistent drizzle amidst the deafening rumbling. We had the recent rains to thank for that! In the drier months, the flow is gentler and the falls quieter. However, that makes it a great backdrop for photoshoots as you will be allowed to step into the water. So, any time is a great time to visit!

Next was scaling the rocks to the top of the falls, it was an easy sprint. We spent most of our walk at this spot, dangling our hands and feet in the water. The water emerges from what appears to be a swampy water bed and flows down the rocky steep, creating the Sezibwa falls.

We crossed to the other side via a metallic bridge, but still had to jump over soggy ground at some point. It’s easy to miscalculate your steps and land in the water: using a long stick to gauge the stability of the rocks and logs might help avoid that.

As we walked away from the water into the forested areas, we were visited by 3 huge monitor lizards that gave me a fright sending me racing back into the soggy grounds. They were probably more afraid of us and dashed into the bush really quick. Once we were sure they were gone, I sprinted straight through that forest thicket and into the clearer area. Wasn’t going to wait for more reptiles to scare the wits out of me!

You will notice the numerous “traditional Shrine” looking spots in the forest area, but don’t get freaked out. Keep walking till you get to the opposite side of the falls and enjoy them from a different view. It makes a great picnic spot for adults and kids alike. The restaurant had mainly cold drinks, but my guess is that the food will disappoint. Hence the insistence on a picnic!

A walk down back to the water and across the wooden bridges gets you back to the parking lot where it all started. A befitting end to a sweet adventure!

Be right back for a picnic!


Saw Bizzy


  1. I love the blue sky and the falls. I fear the water though and would not be as close as you were.

  2. I can imagine the thunderous noise by the mighty waters! The scenery is great. Why we sit and lament we have no place to visit and have fun in our country is absurd. Thank you Lord for beautiful Uganda. We welcome you all.

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