The journey versus the destination. What stole the show? How could I tell, for the journey was a destination in itself; at least to me! But, let me break it down for you and maybe you do the picking. There were two journeys and two destinations.

The first journey: Kampala to Fort Portal. Nothing out of the ordinary, save for the well-manicured tea estates that usher you to the endless beauty of the Rwenzori ranges in Kabarole.

The first destination: Nyakasura in Fort Portal where we pitched camp at Amabere Ga Nyinawiru camp site and quaint stone cottages for the glampers. It is the site of Amabere Ga Nyinawiru, a place from the popular primary school folk tale of the Bachwezi gods. Along with the site is a splendid water wall, with ice cold refreshing water that always pulls me in: no matter how cold it is, I always relish a good splash. A morning jog around the village is perfect to kick start your day and an evening walk up the rolling hills to wind it down.

The second journey: Fort Portal to Sempaya hot springs along the escarpment laden scenic Bundibugyo road. With multiple viewpoints open to the public, we stopped to marvel at the great escarpment. Shots with our trusted camp flag were a must, only if you could find your balance on that concrete pillar.

The second destination: Sempaya hot springs in Bundibugyo district. Not to ruin the next article but; the ordered chaos of the bubbling hot springs beneath the huge skies promises a great balance of excitement and relaxation. Everybody loved it!

Now you get my dilemma; each journey was a destination or is it vice versa!? It gets harder to decide the more you think about it. But we can all agree that they were both characterised by lush green serenity resting atop undulating hills, massaged by gently falling rain defining the rhythm of the holiday! But I still have to ask, did you pick a side?

Rwenzori ranges as seen from the glampers den at Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru
More about the cottages…
…and some more
It goes on…
The expansive green fields provide ample space for outdoor sports
In the morning after dark at the campsite
On to the scenic drive from Fort Portal to Bundibugyo
Of hills and Reflections
Soccer time anyone?
Conquering the pillar….!
Smiles and more!
Watching cars from afar
Evening walks before the storm
Content with the day well spent!


Saw Bizzy


  1. Hmm! I, too needs help. I have read the article three times, but still pick no side. My take is that it was a journey and a destination.

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