It was a quiet afternoon at the office. The ones where the hardest workers are knee-deep in semi-important assignments, the smart workers are somewhere working smart, the others are somewhere being the others and I had a doctor’s appointment to get to.

Without disrupting the peace, I gleefully waltzed out and made it in time, like I always do. The appointment took shorter than I thought it would, and not to waste what promised to be a beautiful evening, I headed to this little gem. Also, as I hadn’t had lunch, an early dinner would do me good.

I liked the set-up, easy to achieve, and maintain. Nothing too fancy. The bulbs hanging down rope-like suspensions and that clever wall clock. I thought of time and I thought of the past.

When you reflect on your past, you think; was that time well spent or was it a complete waste? And what we consider lost time, was it ever a loss or simply a life lesson we took longer to grasp? And if it were a lesson, did it have to last that long? Couldn’t I have learned it all much faster? And just as I got to the brink of genius, where such complexities are unravelled, the friends arrived!


Saw Bizzy

6 thoughts on “CLEVER CLOCKS

  1. When it comes to life, I am always one of the others just being the others…. Definitely not getting anywhere close to the brink of genius… but thank God for friends who always help us break-it-down. Very inspirational and well written. Thanks.

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