Cape Town is more than Table Mountain. It’s the little secrets that reveal themselves through the flowers of spring, street art, a random bar or even the African penguins (yes, we have them). You never know where or when the next surprise is gonna show up. Sometimes, you have to journey further from the city, into the small fishing villages to find it. I did that a couple of times and here is what I found;

  1. Meeting the African penguins

You can meet them at Simonstown which they call home. Depending on which route you take, it’s a few towns after Muizenberg and a few miles before Cape Point. There are also a couple of nice little restaurants along the harbour to dine from.

Incoming; African penguins!
Strike a pose at the harbour
  1. Whale watching in Hermanus

Anytime between July to November is a great time to catch the show. And yes, it’s worth the hype.

They weren’t that close but well, it’s a nice shot
  1. Wine tasting in the Cape Winelands

The cascading mountains, the fine wine, perfect company, what more could a girl need.

Picturesque views at Boschendal Estate
Leopard’s leap family vineyards
Framed for life at Haute Cabriere winery
  1. Chase the flowers of spring

Our chase took us to the West Coast National Park, and although we found hardly any flowers in bloom, the clear beach and cool breeze made up for the disappointment.

Wave beaten rocks are quite smooth
Fake it till it happens
Beach walks and fancy shorts

Sometimes, the surprise is right outside your door, so if you choose to keep it within the city, I recommend the following;

  1. Take a walking tour

You will walk in the steps of history and possibly greatest. One tour is through the colourful Bo-kaap neighbour and another through the down-town area that’s got some cool street art.

The “Arch”!
  1. Explore the company gardens

Although it’s now much smaller than what it was back then, it still retains that lush and romantic feel to it. Its quite common to see wedding parties getting their pictures taken here.

Dedicated to “duck-face” queens
  1. Visit a museum

I planned to visit more museums than I did, but well, time flew to wherever it flies. For art enthusiasts the Zeitz MOCAA museum of contemporary art is a must stop center for a dose of “cutting edge art” from the African continent. For history lovers, District six museum documents one of the many injustices from South Africa’s troubled past. Maybe the future will be better, just maybe!

Zeitz MOCAA goodness
District Six Museum…hope?
  1. Attend a random art exhibition

I attended my first night art exhibition on a first Thursday. It’s a pretty cool phenomenon that involves, galleries, restaurants and shops being open till late. I couldn’t say no to that!

Still not over this shot, depth!
  1. Go for a run/walk in the park

Do this as often as you can, you will realise that the colours of spring are much closer than West Coast National Park!

Enjoyed these walks with Vanessa, we need a reunion
  1. Rent a bike and ride out

Together with my friend, we rode out from Sea point to Camps bay. And if you are lucky (like we were), you’ll spot some vintage cars. Pretty cool!

The braking mechanism was such a nag, but I made it anyway
Camps Bay is made for the future

By now you’ve realised that in Cape Town, the list goes on and on. It only stops when you do. Stay curious, keep wandering, keep discovering!



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