“May I please have a cup of coffee?” or “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Coffee; the lesser appreciated hot beverage in Uganda. Tea; my least favourite hot beverage since I discovered Ugandan coffee.

Most of us in Uganda are raised taking tea as the first-choice hot beverage: at home, when you visit friends, in the village, in restaurants, blah blah blah! And when you’re offered coffee, well, its instant coffee from a boring tin/can/whatever. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Over the past few years, many Ugandans have developed a keen interest in and genuine desire for Ugandan coffee. Arabica coffee to be exact. This has resulted in establishment of a noticeable number of coffee shops within the major towns. Restaurants too, are now serving freshly brewed Arabica coffee just the way it should be.

One of the birth places of Arabica coffee is the slopes of Mt. Elgon in Kapchorwa. And I was privileged to be taken on a coffee tour right at the source of all this goodness. Believe me, nothing beats a “home” coffee shop up in the mountains, lost in banana and coffee plantations. And the fun part was making it from scratch, we’ve got real talent among us:

  1. Find talent in the hidden homesteads

02. A tale of the seedling and the berry

13. Focus on the berry a little longer

24. Pound the dried coffee berries to get off the husks

45. Winnow the ground berries to get rid of the husks

56. Coffee beans ready for roasting

77. Firewood doing its thing

88. Grinding the Coffee beans to powder

99. Perfectly ground

1010. Where the cups at?

Photo credits: Kiganyi Solomon

11. There there you go

1112. To sieve or not to sieve?

1213. Milk anyone?

13milkanyone14. The perfect cup and rich aroma to match it

1415. Cheers mate!


Let’s give tea a break and enjoy some freshly brewed Ugandan arabica coffee.



  1. Nice one Sarah!!! You need to visit Mbale too and market the Arabica experience there. Arabica coffee has best scent and taste. After taking arabica, I do not take any other type of coffee!

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