A few months back, I ventured out and toured the 7 original hills of Kampala. Just to be sure I didn’t leave out any, I started with Muyenga and after that Kibuli hill. Also, they are close to home and that made them pretty convenient start points. Muyenga stands tall as the water anchor of Kampala city. It holds the major water reservoir tanks that supply the whole city. I assume its proximity to Ggaba where the main water treatment plant lies, made it the obvious choice to host these water giants.

The best part about Muyenga though is the view. During day, you’ll enjoy a picturesque view of Lake Victoria and the steady breeze that accompanies it. As visibility of the lake dies out at night, the focus switches to some of the best views of Kampala city. There are several options to choose from, each with a unique and splendid view.

Given it was the world cup season, I selected Kampala Forest Resort. Their well-positioned TVs, unique bar set up and delicious pizzas drew me back the morning after a great match. An evening at this splendid location will definitely cure you of the day’s fatigue. Check it out and thank me later:

One side of the bar
The other side of the bar
Breakfast options
The unique bar modeled around a tree trunk
Decision time
Soccer fans had a good time
Simple bulb lighting decor




  1. Thanks for the information. That place is awesome!! They recently got cats and that totally freaks me out :-/

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