One of the best parts about heading to Kapchorwa is the eventful journey. From the chaotic traffic jam in Kampala, to the snail-paced traffic jam in Mukono, one suddenly finds themselves cruising through Mabira forest. A welcome contrast! But to enjoy the cruise, one must make a stop at Namawojjolo for the tempting roasted chicken and meat of your choice. I must add that although it’s not for everyone, most first-time travellers get a kick out of trying it out. With that out of the way, you can now proceed to Jinja, the tourism capital of Uganda and a perfect convenience stop. Right now, we are still excited about the newly constructed suspension bridge (still in Jinja), quite the beauty! By now you will be past Jinja and on to Iganga and finally on Tirinyi road; 99 kms of an almost straight road. Be sure not to miss the rice paddies as you approach River Mpologoma. These fields supply most of Uganda with the finest rice I’ve tasted – Supa rice (rice goals!!!) The moment you spot the beauty that is Wanale (mountain), then you are approaching Mbale town, my home! It’s the perfect town for another convenience stop and a chance to buy all the stuff you might have forgotten (campers get that). By now you are 100% ready to head to your campsite in Kapchorwa. Enjoy:

  1. Namawojjolo stop

12. No idea where this was

23. Freshly built bridge

Jinja-Bridge-Uganda4. Convenience stop in Jinja

35. Rice paddies along Tirinyi road


46. Convenience stop in Mbale

Wanale in the background

77. Ranges of Mt. Elgon as we head to Kapchorwa







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