We need green spaces in Kampala! That’s all I could think of as I decided where to spend my Saturday afternoon. A green place to enjoy the freshness of tropical air and beautiful greenery in town. A safe space where I will not be tormented by thoughts of boda-bodas trying to run me over.

Since Google has all the answers, I asked, and Kasenge forest resort came up.

The resort is located in Mukono district, only thirty-two (32) kilometres from Kampala. Under normal circumstances, the drive takes close to two hours. But with luck on our side, we made it in 45 minutes.

Situated at the base of a hill, the resort is brilliantly blended with the existing swamp and forest vegetation. It is immaculately landscaped with well-manicured lawns, a sparkling stream and shallow lake dotted with miniature islands. Tiny lake fish dash all over the stream, stirring dirt from the shallow waters in an almost playful manner! Bridges provide access to the islands that are sometimes inhabited by overnight campers, day visitors and a gaggle of geese that double as security guards (true story).

We took a 40 minutes nature walk through the forested and swampy areas around the resort. And although several wooden and concrete bridges are positioned over the gentle streams, crossing the wooden ones was pretty dramatic. Getting down on all fours was my only way out! Please note that wearing long trousers is a wiser option, because enduring insect bites while crossing the wooden bridges was annoying.

To cool off from the walk, we took a canoe ride around the lake. Its gentle waters and the cool weather blended perfectly to restore my lost calm after the insect bites! We didn’t mind the occasional interruption to help a group of footballers retrieve their ball from the lake.

I thoroughly enjoyed my rainy afternoon at the resort and think it’s worth the visit. Head there with friends, family or by yourself and enjoy the pace of nature!




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