Take countless holidays. Take long ones, take short ones. Travel far, travel near. Tour the towns and the countryside. Take one long holiday along the East African coast. Take it in Diani!

There are countless ways to get to Diani and I chose to take the train from Nairobi to Mombasa. It was a 6 hour ride of playful conversation with neighbours, elephant sightings in Tsavo National Park and intermittent naps. After the train ride, we continued by road from the Mombasa Train Station to Diani, crossing the Likoni ferry at one point. The ride was a bit hectic, so I was thrilled when we finally arrived at our Swahili themed home in Galu – Diani.

In Diani, the universe conspires to appease your senses. And why wouldn’t it? Because being in Diani is doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place. It captures the very essence of a holiday – a peaceful blend of blue and white in the dancing waves and sparkly ocean sand. Not forgetting the ever present coconut palm trees gently obliging to the steady winds. And it would be an injustice not to mention the sunrises worth the early riser’s effort and sunsets worth the wait.

Settling in took seconds and off we went to the explore the property. The pool was well positioned close to the ocean. I spend a great deal of time literally racing between the pool and ocean. It was the only way I could burn up all the delicious food I will tell you about later. One look at that beach and I knew it would be a happy, jolly holiday. It was an exciting couple of days with plenty to see, eat and do.

Join me over the next few weeks to enjoy Diani through my eyes.

Elephants in Tsavo
Welcome to Mombasa
Finally here
The ferry ride
Welcome to Diani
Swahili decor is life!
Maiden evening walk
Ballistic basics
I could tell I was gonna enjoy the holiday!


Saw Bizzy

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